Behind The Scenes

29 May 2018
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EDC 2018

MG Studio was asked to film with their robotic camera platforms during the all-night extravaganza. Our CableCAM was operating at Stage 7 while the smaller DollyCAM captured remote movements at Stage 1.

04 May 2018
las vegas 360 vr virtual reality, vr 360 los angeles content, dell 360 shoot, las vegas video 360 production

360 VR

MG Studio teamed up with Dell again this year but instead of flying overhead with our CableCAM, we pulled the 360 rigs and filmed some amazing 6k content at Top Golf in Las Vegas.

10 May 2017

Comedy Central

Our team pulled the Camera Car together and a few other toys to help produce their upcoming Top 100 locations show… Very cool team to work with from NYC!

20 Mar 2017
The Gallivant Times Square

The Gallivant Hotel

Our crew traveled to NYC for BRAINtrust and shot the Gallivant Hotel Time Square. Checkout their website for the artwork.

05 Jan 2017
las vegas nfl film production interview b-roll studio rental sound stage


Filming with eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham about the fog bowl. Pretty awesome as an eagles fan “Devin Kolovich”  #flyeaglesfly

04 Jan 2017
w las vegas vip lounge photoshoot

W Hotel

Our creative team helped develop the fine art prints located in the VIP Lounge. If you haven’t checked them out just yet – you’ll be simply amazed by the results!

28 Jul 2016

AOL – Selena Gomez

MG Studio was hired to help film for a piece on Selena Gomez for AOL.

11 Jul 2016
doritos fanCAM LA at e3

Doritos FanCAM

New Creatures from New York asked MG Studio to step in and help create a Doritos FanCAM experience at E3 in Los Angeles. We were super excited to help capture such an amazing event! Checkout the promo Doritos pulled together. It rocked! We’ll keep you posted once NC drops their edit…

11 Jul 2016

UFC in Stage A

The team from UFC joined our client list this week when they filmed their latest promo for UFC 202.

11 Jul 2016

BTS Camera Crews

Our behind the scenes crew filming for Chevrolet and taking in the sun!

11 Jul 2016

The Story of Anastacia

MG Studio’s crew shot in L.A. this week with Flying Monkey Films using our MoVI style handheld Gimbal.  Amazing footage was captured all around LA including Malibu, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills at the Osbourne residence. Director: Marcus Producer: J.P.  

15 Aug 2015

Official Film Studio

What’s it like to work for an official film studio in Las Vegas and Los Angeles? For our SEO support, we need to write about these wonderful articles every now and then to help keep our place on the web so here you go! Wikipedia defines a film studio here. A major film studio is a production and distribution company that releases a substantial number of films annually and consistently commands a significant share of box office revenue in a given […]

11 Jul 2015

Phire Group

Agency, Phire Group and Marillat Cabinets Photography: Michael Gaskell Production Assistant: Dixie Waters

13 Sep 2014

Zappos CableCAM

Zappos hosted this year’s 1st Annual PedalPalooza and MG Studio was asked to provide our custom made CableCAM. Watch the riders battle it out during the live stream at Zappos.com If you have a corporate event or extreme activity that you’d like captured from MG Studio’s Cablecam, call us at (702) 836-3686. This rig is customizable from Signage to Ticket Drops!  

11 Jul 2014

Lebron James & Microsoft

LeBron James did more than practice his Jump Shot and hit the tables in Las Vegas. LeBron took time to Launch his new Website furnished him by Bill Gates & Microsoft.

04 Jun 2014

Live Show

IgniteTV asked MG Studio to develop a live show for their company to host in Stage A for developing case studies with past clients. The show will later be fed to a live Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher and streamed live for online viewers. Stay tuned! This show will be exciting for the Real Estate Markets…

08 Apr 2014
mg studio 4k demo reel playing at nab 2014

4k at NAB

MG Studio was asked by a client to showcase some of our latest b-roll for NAB 2014 this year. Our reel is being played at the Grass Valley’s booth in the North Hall.

02 Apr 2014

Comedians In Cars – Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee ~ Jerry Seinfeld MG’s Helicam crew flew with USTV this week for Jerry Seinfeld’s hit new show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” Our drone captured stable and stunning images which will be showcased in Las Vegas’ episode with ?  

01 Apr 2014

Donny Osmond in Stage A

Local production company entered the building for a infomercial called “Pop Goes the 70s” starring Donny Osmond.  The crew and art director built out a stellar set to stage the scene in our stage A.

02 Mar 2014

MG Shoots Honda Spots

Over the years, MG Studio has become well known for capturing stunning images for clients like Dodge Ram to Chevrolet and many others. This month, our crew jumped in the van with our newest family member, our Land Rover CarCAM and the fully stable HeliCAM along with a few other important toys… and captured some awesome shots for Honda. We’ll soon release the Behind-The-Scenes of the 2 days in the desert and along the strip. The crew did an amazing […]

01 Dec 2013

NBC “Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red”

Michael ran as Camera for the behind the scene specials shot with Kelly Clarkson and her full line up of talented musicians for this years NBC’s Christmas Special. Check your local listings and be on the look out for the funny bits back stage! Thanks Paul – we owe you one.

28 Nov 2013

David Blaine – Real or Magic

David Blaine – Real or Magic opening Promo. Aerial DP: Michael G. Pilot: Danny S.

15 Nov 2013

30 Day Timelapse?

Our studio was hired to shoot the grand opening of Marshalls on the Las Vegas strip. In addition to our coverage, we installed 2 time-lapse DSLR cameras that uploaded the images every 5 minutes to the cloud and ran off of a battery. There was a few adjustments needed throughout the process but the coverage ran great!

06 Nov 2013

The Chevrolet Stingray

Our studio helped filmed this production in the desert. Eat some sand and enjoy! Pork meets performance. Can Detroit’s famous Slow’s BBQ’s Phil Cooley’s ‘s heart rate handle a lap behind the wheel of a 2014 Corvette Stingray? Watch and see how his brain waves and other vital activity respond to the most precise driving experience ever.

06 Nov 2013

Justin Timberlake & FOX

Our crew helped Fox shoot a feature with Justin Timberlake. Crew did a great job! Lights, Camera, Action…

05 Nov 2013

Daikin – The Seeker

Our crew teamed up with Tell Collective from Ohio and filmed from Nevada to Oregon and continued to Ohio. We shot with a Red Epic, Helicam and a custom made Movi that flew our Red Epic at 5k. Beautiful Stuff! Checkout the link our demoreel page at mgstudio.com/reel/ Director: Bob E. DP: Michael G. Pilot: Danny S. AD: Dixie W. Location: Tracy D. Talent: Harwood

30 Jun 2013

Honeywell Hires MG

We filmed a corporate piece for Honeywell this month. Watch out for the spot and show some love!

26 Jun 2013

Toyota Racing at VORE

Our RC Aerial Rig and Red Epic captured some amazing slow motion shots at VORE. Just imagine watching a sedan explode at 300fps.

22 Jun 2013

Camera Crew at Miss USA

Filming at the Miss USA 2013 this year with Rain Cosmetics. Checkout our Facebook page and LIKE MG Studio to get behind the scene coverage from our upcoming celebrity events.

10 Jun 2013

The Mirage – RC Aerial Shoot

The Agency on record for the Mirage asked us to fly some aerials and b-roll. Watch out dolphins, we have our eyes on you!

01 Jun 2013

AARP Documentary

Washington DC based production company reached out to MG Studio to help shoot some important interviews for their upcoming documentary. We filmed on the Red Epic and used an onboard ProRes Recorder to save on post workflow. Everything wen’t great and the client was happy!

09 Apr 2013

B2 Pro in Stage A

MG Studio is excited to host B2Pro’s 2013 Lighting Showcase in Stage A this year during NAB. If you’re in the area, stop by for a tour and hands on trial with these amazing light modifiers. These lights will certainly give briese light a run for the rental… From B2pro.com: The 77 RGB parabolic umbrella is the newest offering from B2Pro taking lighting for digital photography and motion picture into the 21st century. REVOLUTIONARY PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY EXCLUSIVE TO THE B2-PRO […]

08 Apr 2013

Las Vegas’ Red Epic Rental

There’s been a number of projects that our team only wished we had the option to shoot at much larger resolutions for compositing and 3D design. This month, MG Studio is excited to announce their new addition to their camera department, the Red Epic. Please visit our Equipment Rental page for further options. Technology is changing so quickly and if we don’t move with it, we’ll be sitting on the side lines wishing we were in the game. As we continue […]

03 Apr 2013

Bridgestone 2013

MG Studio’s crew helped Bridgestone Americas capture some technical images for this years test drive showcase in at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With our Red Epic, we were able to capture and document just how well this year’s tire designs have improved in handling and performance. In addition, we shot with our helicam from up high showcasing each turn, in car interviews and customer testimonials. The footage turned out amazing! Great job to the crew and all of those that […]

01 Apr 2013

MG Aerial Crew Flys Mint 400

We flew our RC Aerial Rig for the Mint 400 last week. Everything got DIRTY! Next time we’ll need to bring out a few more supplies like an air hose. Checkout our latest demoreel at www.mgstudio.com/aerial/ and share the link with your friends.

24 Feb 2013

On Set With Doc Walker

Filming on set with Director Steven Goldmann and Producer David Pichette. MG Studio will be coloring the final edit for the next Doc Walker music video. Checkout the final video on our gallery page.

19 Feb 2013

Traxxas in Malibu

Michael designed this mobile matrix cam that is now being used on shoots and extreme productions throughout the country. We had Jeff Jay help construct the first version. It creates a cool effect for extreme sports. Here’s an example of how a 20 camera setup looks. The transitions are much smoother once you add more cameras and shoot with higher quality cameras. Soon we’ll be trying this rig with better cameras… stay tuned! MG Studio – Matrix Rig from Michael […]

12 Feb 2013

Bill Goldberg Radio Spot

We enjoyed having Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler and cool guy, come in and record in our sound booth today.

04 Feb 2013

Music Video with Jason Hastie

MG Studio helped produce the latest Jason Hastie music video “Fallen to Far” Check it out online and give us a thumbs up! Artist: Jason Hastie Directed and Edited: David Pichette Director of Photography: Michael Gaskell AC: Jesse Barrios Makeup: Noemi Melendez Styling: Jason Pierce Hair: Jessika Morin Actors: Surena Valkyrie, Joshua Gust, Erik Valente

02 Jan 2013

Design Las Vegas

MG Studio enjoys a thrill… and as the studio was approached by a well respected design firm, they were excited about the opportunity to go big! The creatives knew exactly what would catch their client’s attention… a historic journey showcasing the Las Vegas strip in 3D. Checkout an epic journey of the Las Vegas strip produced and developed all in house by the creatives at MG Studio. The team did an awesome job!

04 Dec 2012

Porsche Event at LVMS

Our studio was hired to capture aerial video of the new release of Porsche’s 2014 Cayman Turbo. The event was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where time trials were held for other guests that owned current and past Cayman models. Our aerial division is well known in the Las Vegas for its fun flying RC helicam. If you need information on aerial cinematography and stills, please contact our studio at (702) 836-3686 or visit http://mgstudio.com/aerial/  

01 Sep 2012

Live Webinars

This month the studio invested in a Live HD Switcher by Blackmagic Design to help with our client’s needs in the Convention and Tradeshow Industry. Our current setup allows the small rack-mounted switcher to capture live HD quality content while switching between up to 8-16 sources or cameras. In addition, we can stream live seminars through a dedicated server or a service such as livestream.com If you have a convention or tradeshow coming up, please contact us today so we […]

01 Aug 2012

Sapient Signs MG for Chrysler

Sapient, a multi-channel marketing and advertising agency, signed up MG Studio to help produce a behind-the-scenes view of the 2013 Chrysler Ram trucks for our online viewers. We grabbed the Red, Primes, some sun block and headed for the southern Nevada. We shot for 3 days, first in Laughlin then Mt Charleston and wrapping up on the bright lights of Las Vegas. You’ll be seeing the spot soon so hold your ponys!

14 Jul 2012

Timelapse on the Strip

This last month we’ve been shooting timelapse stills up and down the Las Vegas strip for an upcoming project. These images will be used as background plates as our 3D artist will be dropping in the animation. We’ll be displaying our final shots later on this week so stay tune.

11 May 2012

Lady Gaga in Studio

V Magazine in Stage A with Lady Gaga photoshoot. The shoot turned out awesome! Photographer: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin Studio Space: MG Studio – Stage A, Las Vegas, NV

19 Feb 2012

LMFAO in Stage A

LA Production company shot this music content for Vevo.com – MG Studio provided the stage and crew to help produce the segment. Fun team and they had a lot of fun toys – Thanks Josh for choosing MG.

11 Feb 2012

Backstage with Alabama

Michael, owner of MG Studio, shot the backstage coverage for band, Alabama, at the ACA awards.

30 Jan 2011

BB King and OneTouch Commercial

BB King stopped by Stage A and produced a onetouch commercial over the weekend of Superbowl.