• An Off-Road Beast


Motorcycle Camera Rig

MG Studio is pushing the boundaries for film production on the west coast with its unique camera tools and film platforms. Off-Road and On-Road stable platforms are key in capturing the perfect shot! Call today to discuss our robotic and custom rigging platforms...

Off-Road Ready

Our Honda 450x Dual Sport motorcycle can perform at the speeds you need to capture your shot successfully.

3 Axis Gimbal

Our rig is setup with a MoVI or DJI Ronin which allows a Red Dragon or Arri Alexa Mini to fit perfectly. If you're looking for something more, ask about our scorpion and halo head options.

Rigging Points

With 1-1/4" connection points found on top of our sturdy roof rack all the way down to our front and rear bumpers, you'll be able to adapt your mounts anywhere. It's been a proven concept for years!

HD Downlink

Our 3000' HD Downlink with zero latency can allow our gimbal and AC to frame up your shot at base camp securely.