• 50' x 40' Sound Stage
  • 3 Stage Sound Baffles
  • U-Shaped Cyc-Wall
  • Full-Height Black Out Curtains
  • Up To 800 Amps Power
  • Chromakey Insert Optional
  • 8×8 Grid w/ Speedrail
  • 12×14 Steel Door
  • Automobile Accessible
  • Sound-Proof Control Booth
  • Bose Stereo System
  • Dedicated Green Room A


Las Vegas Studio Rental & Sound Stage

Our Stage A is the most popular from all of our spaces. With 800 amps power, 18′ High Ceilings, an 8×8 Grid, and a U-Shaped Hard Cyc Wall with a dedicated Green Room, this 50 x 40 Stage has everything you need for a successful shoot. Don’t worry about sound, we are the only studio in town with a true sound stage… Trust us, we spent the money to prove it! Checkout our 3D Tour online and experience the difference with Las Vegas’ Premiere Studio Rental and Sound Stage.

Also, ask about our in-house rental program. We have partnerships with other rental houses for any additional equipment you may need for your production. It’s a great thing being a local so sign up today and secure your rental in fabulous Las Vegas! Call us today with any questions at 702-836-3686


3D Tour:

Rental Documents:


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