Day Rate Shown Above

  • Pro-7A 2400 WS Generator
  • (1) Pro-7 Head
  • Standard Reflector
  • Transport Cap
  • Light Weight Stand
  • 45″ White/Black (Removable Cover) Umbrella
  • Pro Power Cord
  • 16′ Sync Cable


The standard of rental studios worldwide, Profoto offers action-stopping short flash duration and fast recycling times for any type of application.

Heavy-duty design, self seeking voltage, consistency of light output and color temperature, and compatibility with a full line of modular light shaping tools, make the Pro 7 power packs the first choice of photographers around the world.

The Pro 7 system is a sound investment, since the accessories are also compatible with the lightweight Acute 2 and ComPact lines of electronic flash.

The Pro 7A 2400 w/s power supply features turbo recycling, ultra short flash duration, and choice of asymmetrical or symmetrical power distribution with up to 3 lampheads.

The 7A also features color temperature control and auto bracketing.


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