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  • Zoom Reflector
  • Flashtube, 250W Modeling Light
  • 16.4′ (5m) Cable
  • Frosted UV Glass Dome


This is a Profoto Pro Flash Head. It is compatible with Pro 7, 7B2, 8, and D4 Power Packs. It features a circular, heavy duty quartz flash tube which surrounds the 250 watt modeling lamp. It provides even illumination and maximum light output. It accepts Profoto’s system of modular light shaping tools.

The Pro Head includes a Zoom Reflector 2, which slides and locks at your chosen position along the head’s chassis. This enables you to control the spread of the light emitted. The Zoom Reflector 2 has a front lip, which accepts honeycomb grids without the need for a spearate adapter.

The included 16′ (5 m) head cable features Profoto special connectors for safety, security and convenience, and dual lead technology for reliable performance. All heads feature a 5/8″ stand adapter.

Although this head includes a frosted, UV corrected glass dome, other glass covers can be purchased separately to warm or cool and soften or sharpen the light to your personal style. A power supply for this flash head is required.


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