Day Rate Listed

• 20 Radio Set
• 16 channels
• Two programmable keys
• Fixed antenna
• Battery power save
• Low battery alert
• CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode
• Scan
• Follow-me scan
• Time out timer (TOT)
• Manual squelch adjustment
• Busy channel lockout (BCLO)


Las Vegas Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie Rentals for Production

Compact, Easy-to-Use Portable Communications
The VX-241 PMR446 radio is a 16-channel economical licence free radio providing long-lasting performance and reliability. The radio’s small size is easy to carry and it supports the fundamental two-way radio functions needed without added cost.

Built To Perform
Rated IP 54 for dust and water protection and tested to Military Standards for durability, the VX-241 is designed to provide years of reliable use.

Quality Audio Output 
Designed with 500 mW audio output makes the VX-241 ideal for noisy environments.

Minimise Channel Interference 
Choose from 1 of 50 CTCSS tones or 1 of 104 DCS sequences on each of the 8 pre-programmed PMR446 frequencies, which can then be allocated to any of the 16 channel locations.

Monitor Communication Status: Auto-Range Transpond System – ARTS™ 
Only Vertex Standard radios are designed to inform you when you and another ARTS™-equipped radio are within communication range. If out of range for more than 2 minutes, your radio senses no signal has been received and beeps to alert you. A great solution to keep everyone coordinated and exclusively offered in Vertex Standard radios.

Optional items available for rent. Ask about our ear pieces and charging station.


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