Tag : Las Vegas Video Production

01 Jun 2013

AARP Documentary

Washington DC based production company reached out to MG Studio to help shoot some important interviews for their upcoming documentary. We filmed on the Red Epic and used an onboard ProRes Recorder to save on post workflow. Everything wen’t great and the client was happy!

09 Apr 2013

B2 Pro in Stage A

MG Studio is excited to host B2Pro’s 2013 Lighting Showcase in Stage A this year during NAB. If you’re in the area, stop by for a tour and hands on trial with these amazing light modifiers. These lights will certainly give briese light a run for the rental… From B2pro.com: The 77 RGB parabolic umbrella is the newest offering from B2Pro taking lighting for digital photography and motion picture into the 21st century. REVOLUTIONARY PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY EXCLUSIVE TO THE B2-PRO […]

08 Apr 2013

Las Vegas’ Red Epic Rental

There’s been a number of projects that our team only wished we had the option to shoot at much larger resolutions for compositing and 3D design. This month, MG Studio is excited to announce their new addition to their camera department, the Red Epic. Please visit our Equipment Rental page for further options. Technology is changing so quickly and if we don’t move with it, we’ll be sitting on the side lines wishing we were in the game. As we continue […]

03 Apr 2013

Bridgestone 2013

MG Studio’s crew helped Bridgestone Americas capture some technical images for this years test drive showcase in at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With our Red Epic, we were able to capture and document just how well this year’s tire designs have improved in handling and performance. In addition, we shot with our helicam from up high showcasing each turn, in car interviews and customer testimonials. The footage turned out amazing! Great job to the crew and all of those that […]

01 Apr 2013

MG Aerial Crew Flys Mint 400

We flew our RC Aerial Rig for the Mint 400 last week. Everything got DIRTY! Next time we’ll need to bring out a few more supplies like an air hose. Checkout our latest demoreel at www.mgstudio.com/aerial/ and share the link with your friends.

24 Feb 2013

On Set With Doc Walker

Filming on set with Director Steven Goldmann and Producer David Pichette. MG Studio will be coloring the final edit for the next Doc Walker music video. Checkout the final video on our gallery page.

19 Feb 2013

Traxxas in Malibu

Michael designed this mobile matrix cam that is now being used on shoots and extreme productions throughout the country. We had Jeff Jay help construct the first version. It creates a cool effect for extreme sports. Here’s an example of how a 20 camera setup looks. The transitions are much smoother once you add more cameras and shoot with higher quality cameras. Soon we’ll be trying this rig with better cameras… stay tuned! MG Studio – Matrix Rig from Michael […]

12 Feb 2013

Bill Goldberg Radio Spot

We enjoyed having Bill Goldberg, professional wrestler and cool guy, come in and record in our sound booth today.