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11 Jul 2016

BTS Camera Crews

Our behind the scenes crew filming for Chevrolet and taking in the sun!

11 Jul 2016

The Story of Anastacia

MG Studio’s crew shot in L.A. this week with Flying Monkey Films using our MoVI style handheld Gimbal.  Amazing footage was captured all around LA including Malibu, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills at the Osbourne residence. Director: Marcus Producer: J.P.  

11 Jul 2015

Phire Group

Agency, Phire Group and Marillat Cabinets Photography: Michael Gaskell Production Assistant: Dixie Waters

01 Apr 2014

Donny Osmond in Stage A

Local production company entered the building for a infomercial called “Pop Goes the 70s” starring Donny Osmond.  The crew and art director built out a stellar set to stage the scene in our stage A.

06 Nov 2013

The Chevrolet Stingray

Our studio helped filmed this production in the desert. Eat some sand and enjoy! Pork meets performance. Can Detroit’s famous Slow’s BBQ’s Phil Cooley’s ‘s heart rate handle a lap behind the wheel of a 2014 Corvette Stingray? Watch and see how his brain waves and other vital activity respond to the most precise driving experience ever.

30 Jun 2013

Honeywell Hires MG

We filmed a corporate piece for Honeywell this month. Watch out for the spot and show some love!

26 Jun 2013

Toyota Racing at VORE

Our RC Aerial Rig and Red Epic captured some amazing slow motion shots at VORE. Just imagine watching a sedan explode at 300fps.

22 Jun 2013

Camera Crew at Miss USA

Filming at the Miss USA 2013 this year with Rain Cosmetics. Checkout our Facebook page and LIKE MG Studio to get behind the scene coverage from our upcoming celebrity events.